Global health for a sustainable future

Our vision is to create high quality healthcare on a global scale

Safe and professional healthcare is a need which all countries, all societies and humans share. At one point or another, we will all be in more or less need of professional healthcare workers – doctors, nurses, certified assistant nurses or certified patient care assistants to help us – might it be giving birth to a child, healing the wounds from an accident, old age or any other form of ill-health. This need for healthcare is universal, however the supply does not by any means reach the demand, leaving far too many people on our planet without the help they need – might it be lack of resources or merely healthcare that does not live up to the quality standards necessary for a well functioning and effective healthcare system. This is where we, GHCC Sweden, come in (among many other actors working for human rights and equitable  healthcare for everyone) to help and further develop healthcare systems, providers and educators on a global scale; with the aim to create high quality healthcare for all, no matter what.

Our idea is based on the principle of quality. By making sure quality is kept through all stages of healthcare – from education to the daily work as a healthcare practitioner, a high quality healthcare can be assured. The notion that everyone who is working in a hospital bears a crucial responsibility for the quality of the healthcare means that everyone must have knowledge as well as passion not to break the quality-chain. To ensure that everyone working in a healthcare facility understands the importance of hygienic work practices, might sound basic, but is in reality overlooked and leads to far too many diseases being spread, healthcare associated infections and complications. And adding on increasing numbers of antimicrobial resistant microorganisms. Everyone needs to be familiar with the quality work – and the biggest responsibility of all to secure the quality-chain is kept intact is the hospital managers and educators.

Our background in healthcare and pedagogy has strengthened us with an expertise in healthcare quality assurance of education and healthcare organizations. Our vision is to help caregivers and education providers to implement vital parts of high quality and modern healthcare, based in accordance with international approved standards (ISQua and ISCED). We do this through quality assurance, creating education and educational plans as well as providing caregivers and education providers with consultancy services. We do this in order to make healthcare as good and attainable for all. Simply put, our vision isto create high quality health care for a sustainable future.

These values align with our vision “Global health for a sustainable future” and the UN Global Sustainable Development Goals.