We provide quality assurance for all the educations we develop. When working with a new project, we start at a national level before moving on to working on a regional and local level.

Our vision, to create high quality healthcare for a sustainable future, entails us providing healthcare organizations and education providers with healthcare programmes at different levels with quality assurance (from certified assistant nurses and certified patient care assistants, nurses, doctors and hospital managers programmes). All quality assurance work provided by GHCC Sweden is based on international standards, guidelines, goals and best practices from some of the world’s most renowned hospitals and professionals. All work is also conducted in accordance with ISQua and research studies. Our aim is to work in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2016-2030. If you are being approved by GHCC Sweden it guarantees a high quality establishment.


Why quality assurance? The main reason for quality assurance from GHCC Sweden is that it is a mark of quality. It is a signal towards the world as well as the organisation within the hospital that the work conducted there adheres to international quality standards and that the healthcare or healthcare education provided is to be trusted.

What happens if a hospital or health care education provider cannot be granted a proof of quality assurance by GHCC Sweden? If one does not live up to the criterias stated by GHCC Sweden, the organisation/work/education cannot be quality assured. However, having conducted the in-depth analysis GHCC Sweden will be able to help adjust and change the parts which simply do not live up to the quality standards. GHCC Sweden will be able to provide you with consultancy services which, if implemented and followed, will lead to a quality assurance.         

In short, GHCC Sweden provides quality assurance, in line with our vision, to make sure high quality healthcare is assured on a global scale. The proof of quality assurance by GHCC Sweden is a rigorous process and the standards are high to be passed. If not passed, one can always get consultancy help from GHCC Sweden in order to change what is not working well and thereby adjusting the organisation in a way which heightens the quality and thus be granted a proof of GHCC Sweden quality assurance.   

How to promote supply of competence in the Healthcare sector?

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