Our offers

Global Health Care College Sweden aims to provide high quality healthcare for all. To do so, we offer tailor made healthcare educations out of your specific needs, for allied health workers, nurses, midwifes and doctors. Our customers are governments, authorities, and stakeholders within the healthcare sector.

We also provide consultancy services for healthcare providers on how to work to strengthen the health workforce and quality assurance of healthcare facilities.

The World Health Organization estimates the global shortage of health and care workers to about 10 millions by 2030. Some regions have been pointed out specifically, such as Africa and Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East (WHO, 2022). The shortage is not only affecting low and middle-income countries, but high-income countries as well.

Our work focuses on ensuring quality in healthcare organizations and educations, at secondary and tertiary levels, in line with international standards, research, best practice and proven experience.

You can read more about our offers in the underlying section “COURSES, EDUCATIONS, QUALITY ASSURANCE AND CONSULTANCY SERVICES”

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