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Leadership, group development and change with quality-assured care in focus!


This leadership education consists of two steps- 1 and 2, and two days per step. The education is based on research on the basics of quality assurance of workplaces, where organizational psychology, leadership and group development are central. The training sessions are interspersed with lectures, seminars, and workshops. A dynamic education that will make a difference in your leadership at several levels.

Part 1  focuses on organizational development, management systems and quality assurance, as well as leadership in a historical exposé up to today. It is organizational models, group development and leadership and its challenges in different contexts that are in focus. The training provides perspectives on your own leadership, with insights into important tools to use in change management.


Managers, leaders, and staff from HR, who want to reach in-depth knowledge of the importance of leadership for a quality-assured business, with the aim of reaching an increased awareness of personal leadership in a communicative, relational, and psychological perspective.


Day 1 and 2

  • Leadership and organizational models in a historical exposé
  • Different leadership styles; when, what, where, how, who and why?
  • Structure, culture, and leadership
  • Values, vision, and goals
  • Quality assurance then and now
  • Management system for the development of a quality culture
  • The importance of communication at different levels in an organization
  • Group development highlighted on a scientific basis
  • Successful leadership and change
  • Leadership and group development – strengths and challenges 


All educations provide a certificate from Global Health Care College Sweden (GHCC).

Training days and training site, to be announced later

Training Officer: Britta Wikman


Price 11 995 SEK

The price includes course venue, lunch, coffee, and course material.

Training Officer: Britta Wikman CEO GHCC

Britta has many years of experience in senior positions in education, healthcare, and social care both in Sweden and internationally. She has been a principal and manager for many years in the school system with responsibility for school development and research projects. One of Britta’s specialist areas is leadership and communication. She has been engaged as a lecturer at major international conferences. Britta has a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, Principal Degree, Teacher’s License in Psychology, Social Studies and Sociology, and Undergraduate Psychotherapy.


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