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Professional communication for a quality-assured healthcare


This course is aimed for you who want to become sharper and more confident in your daily dialogues and get more meaningful meetings and for you who want to increase well-being in the workplace. The course contains communicative working methods, effective communication strategies, body pressure and nonverbal communication, difficult conversations, mini-mediation, and conflict management. The day also includes practical exercises in case form.

The course is based on research and proven experience of the basics of effective communication in the workplace, where effective communication strategies and difficult conversations are central parts. The training day is interspersed with lectures, case studies and workshops. It is a dynamic training that will make a difference in the way you communicate in your workplace on several levels. The training has a flexible solution where we can also come out to your workplace if you prefer this for group strengthening and tailor-made activities that suit your business.
The course gives you theoretical and practical tools to be able to contribute to getting more motivated employees and good results in your business thanks to a clearer communication.


Managers or personal who lead others. HR professionals who work closely with managers and leaders can also benefit from the course.


Day 1

The first part of the day deals with effective forms of communication where verbal and nonverbal communication is in focus. During the afternoon, the focus is on conflict management and difficult conversations. The challenges and solutions of communication that are in focus.

  • 7 effective modes of communication
  • Verbal and nonverbal communication
  • Conflict
  • Difficult conversations
  • Mini-mediation


All educations provide a certificate from Global Health Care College Sweden (GHCC).

Day 1: 24 April 2023 at 09am-4pm.

Training site Stockholm (venue to be announced later)

Training Officer: Ulrika Nimstrand

Contact: ulrika.nimstrand@globalhcc.com 

Price 6 995 SEK

The price includes course venue, lunch, coffee, and course material.


Training Officer: Ulrika Nimstrand COO GHCC

Ulrika has many years of experience in leading positions in education, both in Sweden and internationally. She has been a manager for many years in the school system with responsibility for school development, project management for entrepreneurial learning and international project manager.


One of Ulrika’s specialist areas is leadership and communication. She has been engaged as a lecturer at major international conferences such as the Australian International Education Conference, the World’s Fair in Dubai, and the International Nursing Conclave in Delhi. In GHCC Sweden, Ulrika, together with her partners, has quality assured and developed nursing education for the global market.

Ulrika has a Principal’s degree and Teacher’s License. 


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