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Leadership for quality-assured care!


The education consists of two days of internship, with the possibility of overnight stay in a hotel for those who want. The education is based on research on leadership, group development and communication, where coaching leadership is at the center. The training provides knowledge and tools for how effective teams develop with a leadership characterized by security and self-awareness.

In this leadership education, you will work actively with your own leadership together with professional and inspiring trainers who have extensive experience of being a manager and leader. You will get to practice practically leading groups in change; respond to and deal with resistance and difficult conversations. After the training, you will have acquired knowledge in both theory and practical methods to succeed in your role as a leader and manager. The ability to create psychological security in a group, reach an increased self-awareness and creativity is in focus.


Managers or leaders who want to gain in-depth knowledge of techniques and models for a coaching leadership where the development of effective teams is central. HR professionals can also benefit from the training.


Day 1 and 2

  • Organizational development based on leadership
  • The development of the group on a scientific basis
  • Team; roles, functions, behaviors, and values
  • What characterizes an effective team?
  • Values and culture in a workplace
  • Meeting form and structure for management of meetings
  • Communication psychology and leadership
  • Motivational interviewing in theory and practice
  • Communicative tools for the development of effective teams
  • Techniques for responding to and managing resistance and difficult conversations
  • Coaching and leadership based on research and proven experience


All educations provide a certificate from Global Health Care College Sweden (GHCC).

Training days and training site, to be announced later

Training Officer: Britta Wikman


Price 12 995 SEK
The price includes course venue, lunch, coffee, and course material.

If hotel accommodation incl. if dinner is desired, SEK 2995 is added.

Training Officer: Britta Wikman CEO GHCC

Britta has many years of experience in senior positions in education, healthcare, and social care both in Sweden and internationally. She has been a principal and manager for many years in the school system with responsibility for school development and research projects. One of Britta’s specialist areas is leadership and communication. She has been engaged as a lecturer at major international conferences. She has been engaged as a lecturer at major international conferences. Britta has a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, Principal Degree, Teacher’s License in Psychology, Social Studies and Sociology, and Undergraduate Psychotherapy.


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