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The story of Global Health Care College Sweden

In the year of 2014 Global Health Care College Sweden (GHCC Sweden) started to take form. The idea came from our experience of working with organizational development, leadership, quality management system and the advancement of vocational educations in healthcare, focusing on uppskilling and task shifting. We wanted to take these experiences into a new organization with the aim of contributing to the development of high quality healthcare on a global scale.

Over the years, our collaborative network with schools, universities, healthcare settings, authorities and other stakeholders has expanded. Our collaboration with international partners has been further developed during the years to Europe, Asia, Latin America and the United Arab Emirates.

Our work focuses on ensuring quality in healthcare organizations and educations, at secondary and tertiary levels, in line with International standards, such as ISQUA, ISCE and with best practices based upon the European Comission key competences for life long learning, as well as from Sweden and guidelines given by the World Health Organization, prominent bodies and research in the field. 

GHCC Sweden’s network

GHCC Sweden carries out its work as part of the Swedish partly state-owned Swecare, which is a non-profit foundation. In order to get more information about Swecare- visit their website.

Meet the Team

Britta Wikman CEO:

Philosophy Licentiate Degree in Pedagogy, Degree in School leadership, Certified Quality Manager, Bachelor in Teaching Science, Degree in Basic Psychotherapy, Assistant Child Nursing Degree, School Developer, Project Manager for development of Academic Researching Schools, Project Manager in Healthcare and Entrepreneurship.

Aisha Amin, Vice President:

Master Degree in Global Health, Bachelor in Nursing Science, Bachelor in Teaching Science, Certified Quality Manager. Manager at Health and Social Care College Stockholm Sweden, Project Manager in Healthcare and Entrepreneurship, International Coordinator.

Ulrika Nimstrand, Chief of Global Relations:

Degree in School Leadership, Degree in Bachelor Teaching science, Certified Quality Manager, School Developer, International Coordinator, Project Manager for Entrepreneurial Learning and Entrepreneurship.

About us
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