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Through quality assurance and education at all levels.

About us

The story of Global Health Care College Sweden

In the year of 2014 Global Health Care College Sweden (GHCC Sweden) started to take form. The idea came from our experience of working with organizational development, leadership, quality management system and the advancement of vocational educations in healthcare, focusing on uppskilling and task shifting. We wanted to take these experiences into a new organization with the aim of contributing to the development of high quality healthcare on a global scale.

About us
Global Health Care College Sweden

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Our idea is based on the principle of quality. By making sure quality is kept through all stages of healthcare – from education to the daily work as a healthcare practitioner, a high quality healthcare can be assured.

Global Health Care College Sweden

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Our experiences of working with quality assurance of training in care and...

Quality assurance

We provide quality assurance for all the educations we develop. When working with a new project...

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How to build a model of quality assurance in health care, involving actors at national, regional and local...

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