We release the potential for global healthcare

Through quality assurance and education at all levels

Our story

Global Health Care College Sweden (GHCC) was founded by Britta Wikman, Aisha Amin and Ulrika Nimstrand. Our journey and the development of GHCC started in 2014. We have over 30 years of experience in healthcare, leadership, entrepreneurial learning and quality assurance. GHCC acts on behalf of and in collaboration with national and international actors such as governmental, non-governmental and private actors.

Our aim is to fundamentally change and improve health care on a global scale, focusing on quality management systems, quality assurance of educations in accordance with international standards.

The Sustainable development goals 2016-2030 guides all our work, focusing on strengthening women, prevent poverty and the spread of antimicrobial resistance.

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Our idea is based on the principle of quality. By making sure quality is kept through all stages of healthcare – from education to the daily work as a healthcare practitioner, a high quality healthcare can be assured.

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Contact us

International Coordinator: Elvira K. Wikman

Phone: +46727407950

Email: info@globalhcc.com